New to GCET?

GCET Basics

What is GCET?

GCET is a public organization called a Municipal Light Plant that provides Internet, Streaming TV and Phone services to the citizens of Greenfield, MA.  It is owned by the citizens of Greenfield and governed by a Board of Commissioners that provide oversight for GCET as mandated by the Governor and Massachusetts State Law.

How did GCET get Started?

The citizens of Greenfield voted overwhelmingly to create GCET to provide a better, more equitable, more customer oriented, lower cost alternative to private sector Internet providers.

How does GCET work?

We operate as an independent department of the City of Greenfield.  We build, maintain and operate a network of over 100 miles of fiber optic cable to bring Internet, Streaming TV and Phone service to residents and businesses in Greenfield.  We also provide service for The City of Greenfield and Greenfield Public Schools.

Is GCET sustainable?

Yes, GCET’s costs are paid for by our customers payments.