TrueVoice Phone

TrueVoice™ Phone

Simple, Powerful, Affordable

Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Get Unlimited Local and Nationwide Calling in North America, Including Canada & Mexico

Keep Your Existing Number

Receive Calls from Family and Friends Without Needing to Notify Them of a New Telephone Number.

Call Blocking

Enjoy Unrivaled Privacy with Multiple Ways to Block Unwanted Callers.

911 Text Alerts

Dialing 911 from your TrueVoice™ phone will immediately send a text message alert to your cell phone.

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TrueVoice Phone



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Keep Your Number 

Free Long Distance to U.S., Canada & Mexico

Call Blocking & More

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TrueVoice™ Delivers

The smartest home phone is the one that gives you exactly what you want with the greatest savings. That's TrueVoice™ from GCET. Connect to your high-speed Internet and regular home phone and get crystal-clear nationwide calling. Includes superior voice quality and reliability with our unmatched HD technology.


TrueVoice™ Telo

The TrueVoice™ Telo is no dumb adapter. It’s actually a small, networked-managed, secure Linux computer packed with processing power to keep your calls clear and reliable.

HD3 Handset

The TrueVoice™ HD3 Handset includes features typically found in a smart phone, including the ability to sync your phone book with online contacts from Apple, Google, Yahoo, and others. Get picture caller ID by synching with Facebook profile pictures. Get all that TrueVoice™ offers in the palm of your hand.

TrueVoice™ Linx

The TrueVoice™ Linx uses DECT 6.0 to wirelessly connect additional telephones or fax machines to our TrueVoice™ Telo. Perfect for a home office, you can dedicate a second number to the TrueVoice™ Linx from most any area code in the U.S. Connect up to 4 TrueVoice™ Linx devices to each TrueVoice™ Telo.