Janna W-G, Administrator, Pioneer Valley Symphony

“At the Pioneer Valley Symphony, we’re all about building community. As a nonprofit on a stretched budget, GCET gives us great high-speed internet and phone service at deep savings over corporate competitors. But, it’s the remarkably friendly and responsive local customer service that we love most. We feel fortunate to have GCET’s community-owned infrastructure supporting […]

Josh, The People’s Pint

“We have had phone and internet service at our brewery for several months and have been extremely satisfied.  The service is faster and significantly cheaper than the national competitors, and it’s so much nicer working with a small local company than the alternatives.  Getting set up was fast and easy, the customer service is unparalleled and […]

Barb Z., Olive Street Development LLC”

“We rent out apartments and offices using a cloud based property management software service so reliable internet service is essential to handle billing, work orders, contact management, and advertising.  We have had 100% reliable and quick Internet service with GCET. If we have a question, a kind service agent picks up the phone in less […]

Jaime Y., Owner – Hair Therapy

“I switched over to GCET about two years ago. At the time I was completely disappointed with the service that I had at my business. GCET offered amazing Internet service at a third of the cost, their customer service is impeccable and set up was so easy! I can’t wait until they branch out and […]

Andrew K., Owner – Detectoguard

“Detectoguard switched to GCET for highspeed internet and phone service. Our new services are superior to those of our old provider, at a fraction of the cost. The GCET service team was terrific throughout the transition, ensuring that all of our new technology was working properly and that we understood how to use it before […]

Cindy S.

We love it! MUCH CHEAPER! Great service! Never going back!

Micki M.

I am extremely happy. Internet is better than what I had and I am very happy with my TV channel choices and for a third of the cost.

Cris S.

Best. Thing. EVER!!! The people are wonderful, LOCAL, and best of all I have been saving a ton of $$$

Michelle B.

We made the move to GCET and we wish we did it sooner. The internet is fast and the TV has everything we watch so it works well for our family

Jane M.

Just got GCET installed – only sad we waited so long. Incredibly, it’s 20x faster and much less expensive than our former provider. Don’t hesitate -and don’t wait like we did. Fantastic customer service. Installation was easy to arrange and very professional.