How much does internet service cost?

Your monthly cost all depends on which service plan you choose: TrueSpeed 30/30 – $49.00/month TrueSpeed 100/100 – $59.00/month TrueSpeed 200/200 – $79.00/month This monthly cost includes GCET’s private Wi-Fi gateway. For new installations, there is also a one time Installation fee of $129.99, which can be broken up into three payments if needed. Click […]

Can I use my own router?

The GCET wireless gateway will provide you with both wireless and Ethernet connectivity, but you can certainly use your own personal router in addition to the GCET gateway. During the installation, let us know if you would prefer to use your own router and we will disable the GCET Wi-Fi. Please note our customer service […]

Will my devices be able to connect to GCET’s WiFi?

Our wireless gateway broadcasts 802.11b/g/n and 802.11a/n/ac. In other words, pretty much any Wi-Fi capable device will be supported, however older devices may be limited to slower speeds due to individual hardware limitations.

What does the installation process for internet service look like?

During the installation, a qualified GCET technician will mount a small wireless transceiver on the exterior of your house or apartment. The placement of the transceiver will depend on where the closest GCET node is located. Then, the technician will run a single cable from the exterior into your home, install a jack and connect […]