Does GCET offer Streaming TV?

Yes! GCET offers 3 different packages that bring you the best in TV! Hundreds of channels, free DVR and more!  All at the best prices with our helpful customer service.

Do I need Internet for GCET TV?

Yes. GCET TV requires GCET Internet to function.  GCET offers several affordable Internet & TVpackages that let you save a bundle over legacy cable TV and other streaming options.

How does GCET TV work?

GCET provides its service through a Roku.  GCET provides the first Roku free of charge.  The Roku device allows users to add GCET TV to any TV with an HDMI connection.

Can I set up automatic payments?

Of course! If you already have a credit card on file, give us a call and let us know you’d like to activate automatic billing moving forward, otherwise we can add a card to your account. Automatic payments are processed on the first day of every month. We recognize that this schedule may not work […]

Where can I view my invoice?

Invoices are automatically sent to the email address associated with your account on the first of every month. Due to the cost (both monetary and environmental) we do not typically send out invoices in the mail, however you can request that paper invoices can be sent to you for an additional $3 monthly service fee. […]

How often does GCET bill?

GCET bills for internet service on a monthly basis, which means you are free to change or cancel your service at any time. You’ll receive the first invoice the day after installation. After that, an invoice will be sent to you on the first of every month.

I see several GCET Wi-Fi networks – which one is mine?

Take a look at the bottom of your GCET gateway – there should be a sticker with several series of numbers and letters. Look for the line that starts with W01 and then make a note of the last six characters. Your personal Wi-Fi networks will match the last six characters of that W01 line. […]

I can’t connect my laptop/phone/TV/cat to GCET’s Wi-Fi. Help!

Take a quick look at our troubleshooting guide available here – most common issues can be resolved by following a few simple steps. Keep in mind that your device may be slightly different from the ones in our guide. Still stuck? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out! Please note […]

How do I configure port forwarding on the GCET gateway?

Our gateway does not allow you to set up port forwarding on your own at this time. However, if you need port forwarding set up, give us a call with the device(s) and port(s) that you need to have forwarded and our technicians will take care of it for you.

How much does internet service cost?

Your monthly cost all depends on which service plan you choose: TrueSpeed 30/30 – $49.00/month TrueSpeed 100/100 – $59.00/month TrueSpeed 200/200 – $79.00/month This monthly cost includes GCET’s private Wi-Fi gateway. For new installations, there is also a one time Installation fee of $129.99, which can be broken up into three payments if needed. Click […]