Can I use my own router?

The GCET wireless gateway will provide you with both wireless and Ethernet connectivity, but you can certainly use your own personal router in addition to the GCET gateway. During the installation, let us know if you would prefer to use your own router and we will disable the GCET Wi-Fi. Please note our customer service […]

Does GCET offer phone service?

We do! GCET has partnered with Ooma to offer a completely wireless voice-over-IP phone service that is compatible with most existing handsets. If you would like phone service, let us know when scheduling your internet installation and we’ll start the signup process for you.

What does the installation for phone service look like?

After your internet service has been successful activated, our GCET technicians will connect the Ooma Telo device to your gateway and power it on. Once the device is active, we’ll make a quick test call to our customer service team to make sure your phone service is working correctly. From there, our customer service team […]

How much does phone service cost?

Monthly service charges for phone service is only $12.95 plus taxes and fees. You’ll also need to make a one-time purchase of a compatible Ooma device: Ooma Telo – $69.95 plus tax – the Ooma Telo device which will allow you to connect an existing handset. Recommended if your phone will be sitting right next […]

Can I keep my old phone number?

Yes! Porting your number is a free and pretty easy process. After the installation, you’ll have a temporary phone number assigned to your new Ooma phone by default. If you’d like to port over your old number, give us a call and we’ll help walk you through the porting process. Please note it may take […]

Can I use my existing handset?

Most phone handsets should be compatible with the Ooma Telo device that will be installed in your home. Depending on the wiring in your home, you may also be able to connect your Ooma device right into an existing phone jack and connect multiple existing phones at once.