Does GCET offer Streaming TV?

Yes! GCET offers 3 different packages that bring you the best in TV! Hundreds of channels, free DVR and more!  All at the best prices with our helpful customer service.

Do I need Internet for GCET TV?

Yes. GCET TV requires GCET Internet to function.  GCET offers several affordable Internet & TVpackages that let you save a bundle over legacy cable TV and other streaming options.

How does GCET TV work?

GCET provides its service through a Roku.  GCET provides the first Roku free of charge.  The Roku device allows users to add GCET TV to any TV with an HDMI connection.

About Us

Greenfield Community Energy and Technology (GCET) is a Municipal Light Plant owned by the City of Greenfield. A Municipal Light Plant, or MLP, is a special, non-profit public entity created under Massachusetts General Law 164 to provide telecommunications, electric or gas services to its local community. Our primary mission is to provide fast, efficient and […]