TrueSpeed Internet

GCET's TrueSpeed Internet is just that - clear channel Internet with fast download speeds, and equally fast uploads. TrueSpeed Internet is your homes direct connection to the global Internet at blazing speeds.

Advanced Gbps Connections

The GCET provided 1Gbps Wireless Transceiver is 5.5" round and weighs less than 1 lb. It can be attached outdoors to your home or, in many cases, may be placed inside your home pointed through a window.

Private Gateway with Wi-Fi

The GCET provided Private Gateway powers the Wireless Transceiver, provides modem and routing capabilities and offers 4 Ethernet ports for you to connect to your wired networked computers. It also includes Gigabit speed 802.11ac in-home WiFi.

GCET’s Private Gateway with Wi-Fi doesn’t share your home's Internet connection with strangers like the cable company does.

TrueSpeed Comparison

This graph illustrates the amount of time in seconds each TrueSpeed Plan takes to perform the same task

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TrueSpeed Plans

No Contracts, No Bandwidth Throttling, Unlimited Data